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Almost there with the fanlistings

Posted by Vanessa on Dec 25, 2009

All of my fanlistings have either been adopted or closed. Thanks to those who applied and have been patient with the 1 month of waiting if you got the fanlisting or not. I am now free from any fanlisting duties (except for sending over the moved form and members list to those who got the fanlistings). I wish they all got new owners but I guess some fanlistings are just better being taken care of by other people. Anywho, this domain might (I'm not sure yet) close in the near future since the purpose of those domain is where I can place all my fanlistings. But since I no longer have any fanlistings due to the lack of interest, I may close it sometime in 2010. You can still visit my websites which are listed below.

Oh Gerl!
Renee Fan
Dita Von Teese Fan
Charlize Central
Uma Thurman
Team Jolie
Kristin Davis Online
Just James

New adoptions

Posted by Vanessa on May 18, 2009

Again I'm adopting out my fanlistings. Please visit for more details.

second batch

Posted by Vanessa on Jan 18, 2009

The second batch of adoption fanlistings has now been added in here. I'm going to get rid of 95% of my fanlistings except for Enthusiast, Kristin Davis, Charlotte York & Scott Speedman.

Adoption again.

Posted by Vanessa on Dec 17, 2008

Some of the fanlistings are up for adoption. It sucks since I know most of them are going to have to go. This is just part 1 of 3 adoption.

  1. Fruitopia - food/drinks

  2. Sorry (The Game Board)

  3. Dexter Holland ( The Offspring)

  4. Finger Eleven

  5. Daria Werbowy

  6. Kelly Taylor (Beverly Hills 90210) - previous owner has been contacted

  7. Luke Perry

  8. Mr. Eko (Lost)

  9. PDF

  10. Peanuts (Cartoons)

  11. Toad (Mario Bros)

  12. Stone Temple Pilots

Go here for the rules and dates!

Password Strength Meter

Posted by Vanessa on Aug 17, 2008

I've added Codeassembly's Password Strength meter for one of my fanlistings. In particular the Hershey Kisses fanlisting. I will adding it to the rest of the fanlistings when I have the time. But it works right now so you can definitely check it out. Ta ta for now!

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